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The Forever Beta Group starts

new model agency Beta Alliance

Forever Beta Group, who hold creative agency, co working space and ventures interests, today announced the latest addition to their portfolio, Beta Alliance. 

The business brings audience-first creative, production automation, data and performance media together into a single service. The newly built team builds brands and bottom lines, while changing the processes of a creative agency to prepare for faster growth powered by new technologies. 

“What’s missing in the market is an alliance of analysts, creative makers, digital media buyers and clients working together to understand how big, brave creative improves performance at each step of consumers’ journeys while building long term brand value,”

CEO of Forever Beta Group Robin Gadsby

Beta Alliance, who use dynamic content automation to scale personalised creative, count cybersecurity company Kaspersky, Monzo and Asics amongst their founding clients. This year they are creating targeted global campaigns which feature documentary, influencer and entertainment content, all delivered with the set of digital band and direct response assets needed to create and optimise brand and direct response metrics in new segments of global audiences. 

“Kaspersky are on a mission to build a more future facing brand, so working with the Beta Alliance team has helped us see the value in investing in new ways of working, underpinned with bold creative that our audiences are interested in,”

Rob Langford, Head of Global Partnerships. 

“We’re looking ahead to a moment in the near future when digital media buying becomes autonomous and Ai can distribute creative at new scale, speed and efficiency. When that happens the big question is how does creative keep up?”

Founding partner Jack Simcock. 

Beta Alliance are based in Shoreditch and co-founded by Simcock, who co-founded content strategy agency Telegraph Hill, Business Director Ben Spencer (Google, Co Op) and Creative Lead Mathew Walker (Google, Jack Daniels).

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