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Play fast, stay safe

We broke the speedrunning World Record with

Gaming Mode: ON

For PC gamers, speed is everything. The faster your machine, the faster you are - but gamers believe cybersecurity slows them down. A big problem for all cybersecurity companies. We had to win gamers’ trust, prove Kaspersky Internet Security with Gaming Mode lets you play fast and stay safe and do it as the world entered lockdown…

We created the world’s first Open Speedrunning Competition Break The Record: LIVE: Doom Eternal in partnership with The European Speedrunning Assembly. Now anyone in the world could qualify from home and become a champ.  

Millions saw our promo videos, many tried but only the 7 fastest made the final cut. Then, on the 26th of July, over 14hrs, the runners went head to head live on Twitch. Tens of thousands watched as Xiae smashed the world record...with Gaming Mode on. 

We developed a media plan to target this huge new audience with live video, social & digital content and ads driving gamers to a unique landing pages. 


Opinion of the brand amongst gamers went up 17% with a 20% increase in consideration

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