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Privacy Matters

A 2 year global creative and media campaign


Around the world 18-35 year olds are aware of cybercrime but don’t believe it will happen to them - a big problem for a cybersecurity company. So we had to create awareness, intent and action in this typically low interest category.



We used hacking horror stories to grab attention and deliver signposted paths to purchase for 5 target audiences across 15 markets. We delivered full funnel creative that built the brand with scripted films like Data or Destiny, created intent in new audiences with short form video and pushed people who had seen our content to convert with carousel ads and HTML5 banners. We delivered and optimised 238 brand and DR assets in our mission to find the markets, audience and creative that drove the best results.


KPI 67m Impressions / Result 420.8m

We reduced CPM from over $1.50 to $0.72 

KPI 16.2m Views / Result 48.2m

We reduced CPV from $0.04 to $0.006 and used audience first creative to deliver a 3x increase in time spent watching

KPI 150k Clicks to Landing Pages / Result 1.15m

We delivered a 2x increase in CTR reduced CPC to $0.26 delivering significant sales from new audiences and leading to an ongoing relationship

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